We are on a mission to improve the prospects for entrepreneurial women – regardless of the type of work they do, their responsibilities, or their business/life aspirations. 

We want to level the playing field for self-employed women. 

We Mean Business. 

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So what’s the problem?

While some slow progress has been made towards greater equality between the genders for those who are in employment, the story is a very different one for those who are self-employed. 

Female entrepreneurs earn on average 43% less than our male counterparts in self-employment.  

43% of women are undercharging

 And it gets worse…. a lot worse. The overall cost of being a female entrepreneur is sky-high, with woman being negatively impacted across a whole range of areas: 


of self-employed women  are less likely than men (33%) to have a private or personal pension or access to mortgages 

Women on average start their business with a third less capital than their male counterparts 


of self-employed women say they experience worries over their financial circumstances always or most of the time.  

Loneliness and isolation are of greater concern for women, with a quarter (25%) of them saying they felt lonely as a result of working remotely 

We could go on…  
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Tick tock tick tock 

At the current rate of progress, it would take 257 years to reach a level playing field.  

We do not have 257 years to wait. Our daughters and nieces and friends and loved ones do not have 257 years.  

 The number of women that are currently self-employed or freelancing has seen a 69% increase since 2008, notably since the digital explosion of that time. 

  We are now sitting on a ticking time bomb. As the number of self-employed women booms, there is a looming crisis ahead for women who are undercharging and directly reducing the pot at the end of their career.  

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Enough is enough!  

So what are we going to do about it? 

 Society sneers and stigmatises women for having big ideas and creating wealth, and the patriarchy of business discourages women from stepping into their power and owning their ambition. 

We Call Time.

We believe that your gender shouldn’t hold you back from running a successful business (whatever that looks like to YOU).  

  • Women deserve to launch a business with the same information, support and financial footing as their male counterparts 
  • Women deserve ongoing support, education and networks to grow and maintain their businesses 
  • Women deserve fair access to childcare provisions 
  • Women deserve to flourish in business and create wealth, while still maintaining the space and time for their personal life and family 

Women deserve to rise and thrive in business and beyond. 

You cannot argue with that. 

We Mean Business. 

So who are we?  

 We Mean Business was founded by Emma Clayton – a gender pay gap expert and Business Scaling Consultant, who specialises in female-founded businesses. 

  • Emma left a successful corporate career and started her own consulting business with a loan, adding to her existing debt
  • She started, scaled and sold her seven-figure consulting business in a four year period, all as a single mother 
  • She has experienced the whole damn range of prejudices we’ve talked about above – and is determined to address this madness 
  • Emma has led talented teams, built stellar systems and created some world class multi-million pound brands – but most importantly has experienced the whole range of struggles that come with the journey of business owner, Mum and professional plate spinner! 

    Find out more about Emma and the work she does here. 

    Emma is supported by a team of women from various walks of life, who bring their own expertise and experience to the campaign and for whose time and insights we are grateful. 

    What’s the plan?  

    Emma is working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Work and throughout 2022 is representing UK female entrepreneurs and researching the cost of being a female founder.  

    In the May meeting Emma presented research to the Parliamentary Group. Our survey – The Cost of Being Female Entrepreneur – aims to uncover all the costs women incur starting and running their businesses – financially, emotionally and health-wise.  

    Emma speaks on stages and continues to lobby MPs, organisations and female entrepreneurs to create seismic shifts across the business playing field.  

    A 2022 TED talk is also set in our sights… 

    We Mean Business. 

    Our actionable aims: 

    This is a hell of a task. We know that multiple, measurable small steps can lead to a ginormous shake-up. So, this is where we begin! 

    1. The Female Founder Toolkit 

    We will create and market a toolkit for female entrepreneurs setting up their own business – a one-stop shop that becomes the go-to for any female founder, consultant or freelancer from launch point onwards. We support women from the ground up.

    2. Business Workshops and Courses

    We will host monthly themed workshops and courses at accessible price points to educate female entrepreneurs in fundamental business skills such as marketing, sales, business numbers, and operations of a business. We will harness the power of our network to bring in a range of successful, entrepreneurial women to deliver talks.  

    When women win, we all win.  

    “A sustained and concerted effort to help women succeed as entrepreneurs could add around £250 billion of new value to the UK economy, if women chose to start and scale businesses at the same rate as men. This is equivalent to around four years of natural Gross Value Added (GVA) growth.”  

    The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship  

    For the million women who have been let down by the system – we see you. For the generations of women to come, we stand for you.  

    We Mean Business 

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    Statistics taken from the *IPSE Women in Self-Employment 2020 Report